Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Blog Begins

So here it is. That dreaded first blog post. In all honesty no one actually reads the first number of posts on anyone's blog anyways right? Takes forever for even family members to get wind of a new blog, let alone anyone else, so none of you will actually read this. I could say any number of crazy things that would make you think I'm a psycho and you would be none the wiser. Hmm... so..... um.... while I'm sure my husband would say I'm pretty crazy and say crazy things all day long when the pressure is on and I NEED to come up with insane weird things to say I got nuttin', Go figure. I mean I'm a mom of 6 kids. Surely I do cuh-razy every single day right? Ahhh I see. I spent all my crazy up during the day today. Too bad everyone's not around late at night when I guess I turn into a mellow normal person.

So throughout the years I've had a couple blogs. One a somewhat popular one back when I designed scrapbooking stuffs :) but I let it go when I quit to focus more on my home life. And one less so when it was a family blog with snippets of homey things. And here is yet ANOTHER blog welcomed into the blogging world. I realized that I wasn't posting as often on my braidsandboots blog because there are things I know my grandmother and other family members would care little about or even not want to hear about like *gasp* my messy shelves or gaining, I mean losing weight. And I couldn't help but feel like everyone who was not my family could care less about the onslaught of pictures of my kids and my rambling about how they're the cutest, funniest, smartest people on the planet. So I'm moving the homey ramblings here and leaving the "my kids are better than everyone else's" ramblings over at my other blog. Okay so I don't come out and SAY things like that. I mean what kind of person do you think I am anyways? I'm only allowed to think it of course. I have some class you know. I was raised right.

Now should you decide you want to see the cuteness of my kids I will be blogging again (after a long hiatus due to both life and a broken camera *sigh* Nothing like your DSLR making a loud horrible internal crunching sound when you try and take a picture) I am going to restart family blogging over at BraidsandBoots  For now we're still without a good camera so the pages won't be getting full over there any time soon. Oh how spoiled I've become camera-wise. What's a girl to do when her DSLR dies, floating away to the camera heaven in the sky? Pout and take no pictures at all. That's what she does.

So here it was. The first Our Little Wooden House blog post. Oh and YES, we live in a LITTLE little wooden house.

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